Climbing Frames Ireland - Your All-In-One Garden Play Solution

Founded in 2004, we are your wooden climbing frame specialists. Our products are your ultimate all-in-one garden play equipment solution. Everything you need, pre-prepared and ready for stress free home assembly.

Kids Climbing Frames with Straight and Tube Slides, Swings, Playhouse and Monkey Bar Climber
All-In-One: Play Fort with Swings, Slides, Playhouse and Monkey Bars

Our garden climbing frames are manufactured from premium cedar lumber. All include a treehouse fort play tower with swings, slides and a lower play area. As standard we include three swings and one or two slides. Our garden swing sets have two normal kids swings, and a trapeze aerobatic bar. Straight slides or tube slides are available depending on the model you choose. Or have two slides for more fun and less squabbling!

All our play forts have two levels. A raised cabin at the top, and cafe counter or playhouse underneath. Our play decks are larger than most, providing ample space for children to play safely. It is often underrated how much children enjoy being up in their own play fort! Our playgrounds are all under 6m long so they're suitable even for those with smaller gardens.

Our playsets appeal to all ages. Our amazing selection of play features ensures they will grow with your children. As they get bigger and older, new challenges will be within reach. For example, we include an angled climbing wall ladder combination. Our monkey bar climber. Or our playhouse cafe counter with freestanding bench, play kitchen and chalkboard.

Kids Climbing Frames with Stress-Free Home-Assembly

Ready to assemble: Just bolt together the pre-cut, drilled lumber and assembled panels.

Our garden play equipment is designed and manufactured to be easier to assemble at home. We ensure that all lumber is pre-cut to the correct length and angles as required. You will not have to waste your time measuring, cutting and drilling - we do it all for you!

We pre-drill bolt holes making alignment easier. We pre-assemble wall & roof panels. Plus we have unique 'post-in-panel' design. All meaning a quicker install and a more stable structure. This guarantees the longevity of your climbing frame. Our wooden play equipment is a great investment. Even after many years our sets still have a good resale value.

With our sets we bag and label all your hardware, and we even include ground anchors. Our sets are 'free standing' meaning you'll NOT need to dig holes or mess about with concrete.

Our wooden climbing frames are made from premium cedar. This wood contains oils, so is naturally resistant to rot and insect attack. We also apply a water based stain during manufacture. Making wood look amazing in any garden and providing extra protection from weathering.

You can also be sure it will look great in your garden. A natural wooden play fort and fully wooden roof. Complimented by colour coordinated green and yellow trim.

Kids Garden Play - Safety First

Children's wooden climbing frame playhouse, cafe counter and freestanding bench
Fun & Safety: Our two top priorities. To keep your children healthy and happy.

Your children’s safety is a high priority to us. This is why our products are designed and tested to meet and exceed both EN-71 and ASTM safety standards. Everything is strength and UV tested, to ensure it’s both safe and durable.

Our garden slides have high side rails and have a flatter bottom so kids slide down and exit safely. We also have reinforcements to ensure our slides are strong enough to climb up too, because we all know kids do!

Our swings have softgrip ropes so they’re gentle on kids hands. Our swing seats are flexible so they grip children’s hips. This helps inspire confidence so kids can learn faster and play more.

Our raised forts have enclosed walls and attractive green window frames. Ensuring children feel like they are in their own cosy cabin, and so as parents know they’re safe.

  • External Safety Testing (EN-71 ASTM)
  • Slides (high sided, flatter bottom, double reinforced back)
  • Swings (softgrip ropes and flexible seats)
  • Play fort with enclosed walls
  • Durable plastic hand grips & rocks ideal for kids hands

Invest in Your Family’s Future

Our climbing frames encourage essential exercise in addition to social and role play
Exercise & Creativity: Run, climb, swing or imagine, inspire and dream!

We carefully consider the materials used in our products to ensure we can provide you the best value. To us value is the best quality parts, for the best possible prices. This ensures we can pass on the best combination of fun and durability to our customers.

We understand our customers' concerns:

  • You lack time, so we pre-prepare your climbing frame for you.
  • You hate missing parts, so we deliver everything boxed and sealed so they’re safe
  • You like to be organised, so we bag hardware so it’s easy to find
  • You want your garden to look great, so we design our products to be beautiful
  • You want you kids toys to last, so we use quality and durable parts

You know our climbing frames fun, but rest assured, we also make them durable. We use premium cedar, zinc coated hardware, powder coated brackets and heavy duty swing hangers. Everything is boxed securely for delivery. Plus you're backed up by our leading 10 year wood warranty.

Experience, Knowledge & Service

Climbing frame roof trim, details and flags
Quality Products & Expert Support: We available by Live Chat when you need us to offer help or advice.

We’ve been specialising in kids wooden climbing frames since 2004. Our staff are all valued members of our team. They are able to assist you with knowledge and understanding of our product range.

We use specialist couriers to deliver to you. Our products are both long and heavy so they cannot go with normal overnight parcel post. Our couriers are experts with oversize products, and offer a fantastic service.

We operate our own warehouse. This means we’re in control of our own stock. We know our products, so we manage after-sales ourselves. This means you can rely on us for prompt help and support when needed.

We have worked with our manufacturing partners to create the best manuals possible. You'll be guided through assembly in basic steps. From identifying the parts, right through to completed build. Each page and section highlights the lumber, hardware and tools needed.

If you get stuck or need extra help then we’re here to assist. We also have a library of video assembly guides which give a visual aid to the assembly process.

Of course, if you’re not happy with your climbing frame then we offer a 14 day hassle-free return policy. Just let us know you intend to return your set, bring it back to us within 14 days, and we’ll process a full refund.

Expert Home Delivery*

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