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The Bowes climbing frame is the entry level product of the highly successful 5ft deck height series of playsets. Providing additional height from the ground for the upper deck makes this the ideal playset for older children. With the increased deck height comes a longer straight slippery slide and additional head room for children who want to play beneath the upper cabin. The Bowes Climbing Frame stands at an impressive 320cm from ground level and is 124cm in width.

Fort Features

bowes climbing frame
The Bowes Climbing Frame is an impressive structure that will stand commandingly in your garden ready and waiting for your children to rush out and play on it. The additional height of the new 5ft forts means that the rockwall ladder and straight slides are extended to provide even more enjoyment, whilst the upper cabin will provide amazing panaramic views of the garden beneath from the allotted window spaces. Made from strong, sturdy, cedar wood and protected by Selwoods 10-year wood guarantee, the fort will not only last a long time, but will be a beautiful addition to your garden.

Safety Features

bowes climbing frame
The Bowes Climbing Frame like all of our playsets has been put through a series of rigorous testing procedures to make sure that it has been passed safe for use. The safety standard for residential play equipment in the UK is EN-71. To find out more details about the safety standards and tests that our play equipment goes through please visit our safety testing page.

Slide Features

climbing frame slide & rockwall
Slides are always a popular feature with children, and with the new 5ft deck height range of playsets from Selwood, your children can enjoy even more thanks to the 3m slide. The additional height of the fort structure means that the already great play features have had to expand and grow to accomodate this. An extra 80cm has been added on to the length of the slide in order to provide a fun, speedy, exciting journey back down to ground level. Raised edges have been added to the edge of the slide to provide secure hand grips for your children when sitting at the top of the slide and to provide security on the way down.

Climbing Features

climbing frame rockwall
The rockwall ladder, like a lot of the other features on the Bowes climbing frame has had to grow to ensure that it stretches from the ground to the upper deck level 150cm from the ground. Which can only be good news for children who love to climb. additional wooden panels and rockwall mounts ensure that none of the fun is lost and helps to provide a challenging, exciting climb to the upper deck cabin.

Play Features

climbing frame chalkwall
Once on the upper deck of the Bowes Climbing Frame there is a spacious play deck ideal for children to spread out and play. On the back wall of the upper cabin is a chalkwall that children can use to leave messages, create doodles or sketch out masterful artworks. The lower deck is open and this provides an ideal location to locate a sand play area. If you do decide to place a sandpit below the upper deck we suggest that you install a weed suppressant membrane before placing the play sand in the boxed area.

Additional Info

climbing frame installation
The Bowes climbing frame comes with all required fixings, pre drilled wood and a fully illustrated instruction manual. The overall footprint for the climbing frame is 1.24 metres wide by 3.83 metres in depth (without safety area) This climbing frame is designed for children aged between 3 and 14 years of age and is tested (EN-71 & ASTM) to meet requirements for private residential use – this climbing frame is not suitable for commercial use.

Owners Handbook & Illustrated Instruction Manual

Adobe Reader Adobe Reader
Our owners manuals and illustrated instruction manuals are in pdf format. This is a generic format which can be opened and printed using all types of computer, tablet or mobile device.
More Information
Product Weight (kg)100.000000
Assembled Width (left to right) (m)1.24
Assembled Depth (front to back) (m)3.83
Assembled Height (m)3.2
Local DisplayNuneaton
Roof TypeWooden
Slide(s)Straight Slide
Play FeaturesCabin, Chalk Wall
Deck Height150cm (5ft)
Suitable Age Range3-14 years
Maximum Child Weight 49.9 kg per Child
Safety Testing Standard(s)EN-71
Safety Notice

This item suitable for children aged 3-14yrs for outdoor domestic use with adult supervision only.

Dimensions provided are approximate. An adequate safety area of !.8m (6ft) from any structure or obstruction (such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry lines or electrical wires) is recommended.

Designed for DIY assembly on a grass lawn. Do not position the play system over concrete, asphalt, other hard surface, or near water hazards. A level surface and routine maintenance is recommended for longevity.

This play equipment is designed and tested to EN71 Safety Standards. This item is NOT suitable for Commercial Use.

Not suitable for children under 36 months. Children under this age may fall off and not be able to sufficiently support themselves. Packaging may also contain small parts and plastic bags.

Do not over-tighten nuts and screws. This as this may cause damage the wooden structure or shear. Potentially causing structural failure.

Do not modify your play system as this may adversely affect its function and will also void your warranty.

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Customer Questions
What is included with your garden play sets?

We include everything needed in your product. Our all-in-one garden playsets get delivered boxed and include all wood, hardware and accessories you need to complete your set. We also include a detailed and illustrated manual to guide you through assembly step-by-step.

How do I re-stain my climbing frame?

Why Apply Stain? All wooden garden products need care and maintenance. Things are no different with wooden garden play equipment. Learn how to quickly apply stain with our pro-tips! If you re-stain your wooden climbing frame or swingset as part...

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