Can I add, remove or change my swings?

Our all-in-one play equipment is fully boxed and sealed, so we're unable to substitute swing accessories shown in pictures for different swings on delivery.

However, our swings are designed to be easy to add, remove or change. So you can add, remove or swap your swings in a matter of minutes. This enables to you to add swing accessories from our range or from 3rd parties if you wish. This could add extra fun and excitement to your swingset for your children.

A great way to add longevity to your garden swings is to invite grandparents to get a new swing for your children to add to their set. A fun present, and easy way to get your kids out in the garden.

Removing or Swapping Swings

For clarity the image above is shown without our white safety 'cap'. Normally you'd have a cap on each swing hanger as an additional safety measure to cover the swing chain or rope loop.

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