Artificial Grass Safety Surface

Installing artificial grass is a great way out of the mowing lawn, having annoying muddy patches and the end of worrying about making your grass green all year round. Artificial grass will last for a long time and can look very real depending on quality of grass being laid.

You will likely want artificial grass laid professionally joins and seams that need doing over bumps, In a straight line with one role the exact width of your space it would be really easy. However, it's rarely that simple.

To make this a safety surface a shock absorbing surface underneath is needed. We have discussed on the Grass as safety surface requiring 150mm of un-compacted sub-soil. In the installation process a flat surface is created by flattening/compacting soil, ensuring it lies securely.

artificial grass

Head Injury Criteria

This is where a shock pad will be used to make a safety surface, these pads vary so commenting on exact critical fall heights is regardless here. However, all reputable brands have guidelines on how many layers you will need. Be aware some installers simply won't sell suitable underlay, you're looking for EN 1177 tested using Head Impact Criteria (HIC).

Manufactures will have used their own ways of achieving surfacing suitable for different fall heights so they should all be able to provide this information easily for you if they can't walk away. (I've repeated myself, but it's important.).

The picture right is of a HIC Impact Tester this is dropped from a given fall height on a surface and generates impact data to determine the success full absorption of forces.

It has an artificial head containing many clever things (much like a child's head) that tell it how well the surface below has performed.

HIC testing kit

Blade Height

Blade height is commonly referred to as pile height, this gives grass length above the rug. Having a long enough length to prevent friction burns from falls and slips. Seek samples before purchasing so you can determine the depth needed on particular brands. Usually, the cheapest option installers carry is for large venues that just need an area covering, not a safety surface so don't get caught up with flashy signs that say from whatever price as these probably aren't going to be suitable for you.

Advantages Of Artificial Grass

Choose Any Colour

Artificial grass can be used to create whatever colours you have in mind. This can create some spectacular results in play areas.

Even Coverage

With a rubber shock absorption you should never have to worry about flat spots. Once it's down you will just leave it.

Low Maintenance

Once laid all it needs a clean if fouled, which as animals seemingly understand it's not a real grass so don't go there. You never have to mow it, re-seed it just an occasional hose down should it become dirty. No more mud, animals can't dig it, children can't rough it up. you get all year green.


Insects is you have used sand or soil as the shock absorber, but this would be no more so than using natural grass. It could be considered relatively expensive compared to solutions like grass, sand or even standard matting. However, that is a comparing apples and oranges situation.

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