Do your climbing frames include ground anchors?

Our wooden climbing frames include everything you need for a full and safe assembly. This includes ground anchors. 

We know our customers are looking for high quality products that will entertain their children throughout their whole childhood in the safety of their own garden. Therefore we have to make sure that the climbing frames we sell are as safe as can be.

However, we know that as a family grows that you might need to move your play equipment in the garden, or you may even move house. This is why we use wooden or metal ground anchors rather than concreting the fort legs into the ground. If you concrete in, you can move it, or take it with you if you move house.

The design of our climbing frames so that a child’s safety is never compromised but also so that climbing frame can be moved, or dismantled and taken to the new family home should you move house.

As you know, all of the frames are made from cedar wood which means they are heavy, solid structures! They are perfectly fine to be assembled on the lawn. However, we know that the kids will LOVE to swing high and hurtle down the slide at full speed, so of course, the additional stability and support from our ground anchors is absolutely essential.

This is why all our climbing frames come with ground anchors included in the packaging. No additional extra costs.

Our anchors which easily attach to the bottom of the frame in strategic places and stick into the ground at a depth of approxiamtely 35cm.

If you live in a particularly exposed windy or gusty area we suggest as a precaution you consider screw in or concrete in anchors to ensure the play equipment can withstand the extreme weather conditions.

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