What is a combination monkey bar swing?

Combination Monkey Bar Swings

What is a Monkey Bar Swing?

Many of our Climbing Frames feature a combination 'Monkey Bar Swing'. This is a excellent feature saving you so much space in your garden. It combines a multi-rung monkey bar climber with a swing beam.

Types & Sizes of Monkey Bar Swing

There are two options to choose from. Either a 2-position or 3-position monkey bar swing. As the names suggest, this allows either two or three 'swings' depending on which model you choose.

Two Position Monkey Bar Swings
Three Position Monkey Bar Swings

What Swing Accessories Fit a Monkey Bar Swing?

A swing accessory would be classified as any of the following:

  • Normal swing seat
  • Trapeze aerobatic bar
  • Baby swing seat 
  • 2-child back-to-back glider 

Monkey Bar Swing Safety

Garden climbing frames are generally exceedingly safe. However, all parents should be aware that active play, and particularly adventurous children can get themselves into difficulty. This is why children should always be supervised, routine maintenance done, and safety precautions taken.

When using monkey bar swings, we'd advise that you follow the following safety precautions:

  • Monkey bars and swings should not be used at the same time
  • Swings should be removed before children use the monkey bars

Removing Swing Accessories

Removing swings is a very simple step and will take you less than a minute to do. The swings are attached by either a rope or metal loop on the 'S' shape swing hanger. It simply slides off and on so very easy to re-attach once the children are finished playing on the monkey bars. This is the same step you'd use if you were swapping the swings for another accessory such as a baby seat or trapeze aerobatic bar. 

Monkey Bar Swing Assembly Manuals

To view the FULL details and the manual please click on one of the below links:

Monkey Bar with Two Swings
Monkey Bar with Three Swings

Monkey bars and swings should not be used at the same time. We strongly advise that the swings should be removed when children are using the monkey bar climber.
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