Do you offer an assembly service?

Our products all come flat-packed with everything you need for DIY home assembly. We do not offer an assembly service.

Our products do take time to assemble as there are many pieces. Due to this the prices for installers can significantly increase the total cost of your play equipment. It's up to you whether it's best to invest that money in the best play equipment, or the convenience of having someone assemble it for you. 

It's time for a building checklist. Have you got a clear area? Now check the area is level. Are your tools ready?

Preparing your garden

Before building begins you need to ensure that you have a large enough level space in your garden. Your garden plans should include a safety zone of 1.6m (6ft) around the playset, which is a recommendation from EU standards (EN71). This allows for children and adults to move around the playset safely, not obstructing swings or slides. For safety the area should also be level, this reduces the risk of swings getting close to each other when in use. Grass is a perfect surface for playsets as it provides adequate cushioning for falls from our play sets. Bonded rubber or artificial grass needs laying before building begins. Putting down loose fill materials after building is an easy effective option.

Checking Parts

Checking parts before you build is a top build tip. Whilst we have quality control at point of boxing to check and ensure parts are all there, we cannot double-check every product, so checking parts before you start to assemble, especially if using a 3rd party installer is highly recommended. We really don't want people setting aside build time, then be missing a vital part.

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