What is 'all-in-one' garden play equipment?

All-in-One Garden Play Equipment

Kids 'all-in-one' garden play equipment is a name given to a garden structure, normally made from wood, which includes activities for children to climb and play on.

These products are very popular because they encompass multiple traditional outdoor toys into one single structure. This saves space, cost and time. Ensuring gardens are fun, exciting and safe, whilst also leaving space for adults to enjoy their space too. Ideal as many people now have small gardens or restricted space for kids play equipment.

These play activities include features such as swings, slides, forts, cabins and monkey bars. Our all-in-one playsets are designed to suit all size families, gardens, and budgets. Due to this the available features vary from product to product.

Thesaurus: synonyms and related words

play equipment playground garden forts
swing sets treehouses jungle gym
kids slide garden swing climbing frames
monkey bars swing & slide set garden play frame

Top Features

All-in-one play equipment includes the most popular garden play activities in one structure. This normally includes a central fort onto which the other activities are attached. Some of our most popular features are shown below with descriptions and links to relevant pages on our website.
Feature Detail Link
Treehouse Fort A garden structure for children to play on. Available in a selection of sizes View Examples
Swings Perfect for children to have fun and build confidence. View Examples
Slides Available with one or more straight, curved or tube slides View Examples
Monkey Bars Build strength and confidence with our challenging monkey bars View Examples
Playhouses Great for creative and roleplay games for kids and their friends View Examples
Rockwalls Climbing using our coloured hand/foot grips or slatted ladders View Examples
Chalk Boards Draw and wipe clean with our fun chalk walls View Examples
Play Kitchens Fun and creativity flows with our play sink and cookers View Examples
Cafe Counters Cafe counters enable fun social play. Kids love to play shops! View Examples

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