How do I re-stain my climbing frame?

Why Apply Stain?

All wooden garden products need care and maintenance. Things are no different with wooden garden play equipment. Learn how to quickly apply stain with our pro-tips!

If you re-stain your wooden climbing frame or swingset as part of a routine maintenance schedule it'll stay protected from weathering. This has numerous benefits.

It will ensure the harsh UV from the sun will not dry the wood out, thus reducing the likelihood of cracks, flaking or splinters. It will also protect it from rain impregnation. This will help it last as long as possible.

Plus it'll stay looking like new, so i'll be more appealing for your kids to play on, and you and your friends as you watch them.

Re-Stain Advice

Gently sand the wood to rough up the surface so it absorbs the stain better. Pro-Tip - Sand with the wood grain for speed.

Apply stain liberally and it'll soak into the wood to keep it protected. Pro-Tip - Use a sponge for super quick and easy application.

Stain will go on a different colour, but when it dries it'll closely match your original playset colour. Remember the playset will change colour as it weathers

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