Next Generation Main Frame Assembly Video

This guide is part of our 'video assisted assembly series' for our Next Generation Climbing Frames range.

This section includes all the central parts of the climbing frame fort. When this is complete it's what all the other parts will join on to. Before you begin we suggest you check you've got everything ready in your garden and you stock check your boxes to ensure everything expected is present.

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Next Generation climbing frame fort assembly

Swing Walls

Take the LT Post Assembly (2757) & RT Post Assembly (2758) with the notches facing down and tap in the T-nuts (TN2 for Top holes, TN1 Middle and bottom).

Flip the posts and place two siding assemblies on top fitting flush abouve the groves. Then insert cross supports into place (2630 Top, 2768 Middle, 2769 Bottom) Making sure the frame is square and flush attach them with four wood screws (S30) per board.

Use two Wafer bolts in the top beam. Two Hex Bolts with lock washer both with flat washer connecting to previously insalled T-Nuts.

Attach the right diagonal on the bottom (2607) and (2778).

Frame Assembly

With all four sides ready have someone hold the swing wall as you bring the front wall to the side where you left off the diagonal make square and secure into place with four wafer Lags per side (WL5). Bring in the back wall secure and finally the end wall which will have eight (WL5) wafer lags in four on each side.

Finally attach the left diagonal making both sides secure.

Front & Back Wall

This folows a similar process use end posts (2771, 2770) lay them with groves up and in. Three cross supports (2775 Top, 2772 Middle, 2769 Bottom) make the frame square attach with four wood screws (S30) per board, tap in three T-nuts into the top and middle cross supports and two in the bottom.

Floor Assembly

Panel Floors in the Swing and End Walls, measure 5/8” (15.9 mm) down from the top of boards then attach (2608) Floor Joist to each board using the left and centre holes with 2 (S4) Wood Screws per board.

Attach two t-nuts in each end 9" from the ends. Then secure into place on the back and front wall using the Hex bolts (H11) with lock & flat washer into the prevously installed T-nuts making sure they are level with the centre joist. Finnaly add in the wood screws and tighten the hex bolts. Remember no over tightening.

All the floor boards are the same with the exception of the Swing wall floor board (2648) which goes into the swing wall end, then space out remaining floor boards (2609) and attach using five per board two in each end and one into the centre joist.

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