Next Generation Monkey Bar Assembly Video

This guide is part of our 'video assisted assembly series' for our Next Generation Climbing Frames range.

This page will guide you through the assembly of the Next generation monkey bar. Including assembling the monkey bar climber and affixing it to the fort.

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Next Generation climbing frame monkey bar

Rail Assembly

Assembly of the monkey bars rail joining the two sides with each wooden rung fits into a pre-drilled hole. Then the rail and rung are joined by making a pilot hole using a 3.2mm drill bit then putting in wood screws. You will see in the manual that one side of the rail assembly has pilot holes on top the other on the bottom, in addition ensure that all rungs are in before drilling.

Bar Assembly

Monkey bars upright ladder and vertical bars are joined together with a monkey bracket (1564) connect attached to the rail longs (1367) that will sit on the ground with two pan screws (S6). When this is in place put the section assembled previously in the bracket. This is in turn attached with two pan screws to the monkey bracket and then a bolt (G10) goes through the monkey bracket and the two wooden sections creating a firm joint.

Attach To Frame

Final stage of putting up the next generation monkey bars is attaching them to the play fort. Using a MB Mount Strap two pan screws and a Lag Screw (LS3) and washer through the mounts central hole. This should be placed so the bottom of the mount is 457mm above the back wall measure. In addition check that the monkey bars are level if not consider levelling the surface your building on.

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