Next Generation Rockwall Ladder Assembly Video

This guide is part of our 'video assisted assembly series' for our Next Generation Climbing Frames range.

This page will guide you through the assembly of the Next generation rockwall ladder. Including assembling the support ands slats to make the ladder, and affixing the rockwall rocks. We also demonstrate how to affix the completed rockwall ladder to the main fort structure.

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Next Generation climbing frame swing beam

Rock Wall Assembly

Lay two Rock Rails (2776) down side by side with the angled edges facing down. Take the access board (2779) attach flush across the bottom of the rails (opposite end to the angles facing down) with four wood screws (S20). Then place boards marked 2781 and 2780 alternately up the ladder making sure the gaps do not exceed 60.3mm between boards.

Attach Rock Wall

Placing the assembled centred in the opening as shown in your fort guide flush as shown in the video. Lastly add the last board at the top to complete the climbing wall.

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