Next Generation Roof Assembly Video

This guide is part of our 'video assisted assembly series' for our Next Generation Climbing Frames range.

This page will guide you through the assembly of the Next generation roof. Including building the wood roof, attaching the gables and affixing the roof to the main fort.

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Next Generation climbing frame roof

Roof Panels

Attach the two (2760) Roof Supports at the peak using one (S4) Wood Screw. Repeat this for the two Roof Support Assemblies.

Place 1 (2751) MOD Roof Bottom tight to the bottom of (2752) MOD Roof Front and (2753) MOD Roof Back. Place a (2761) Roof Sleeper C on the middle strip of each Roof Panel Assembly attach with four (S20) Wood Screws per panel.

Roof Assembly

Bring the Roof Panels together so the tops form a peak tight to the inside edge of the outside slats. Use a Narrow Angle Bracket on each slat and fix in place with two (S0) Truss Screws per bracket.

Put one Roof Assembly Support on the side of the roof panel's, make sure its all flush and secure in place with 8 (S11) Wood Screws.

Attach the second Roof Support Assembly on the opposite side, with 8 (S11) Wood Screws.


Attach 1 Sky Gable to the inside of the (2617) Roof Supports on each side of the Roof Assembly with 4 (S5) Pan Screws per Sky Gable.

Roof Ends

Remove the outside (H9) hex bolts from the end wall's top leaving the t-nuts (TN1). The flat (FW1) and lock(LW1) washers are used in the next step.

Loosely attach 1 (2759) Roof End to each corner of the End Wall, flush to the top of (2769) Panel BT Frame, with 1 (H3) Hex Bolt per board, using the (FW1) Flat Washer and (LW1) Lock Washer from previous step, connecting to the (TN1) T-nut. Notice which bolt holes are to be used.

Measure the overhang at 4-7/8” (124 mm) then attach with 2 (S11) Wood Screws and 1 (S3) Wood Screw per (2759) Roof End. Tighten the bolts.

Attach roof ends to each corner of the swing wall, flush to the top with the 4-7/8” (124 mm) overhang attaching with two wood screw (S11) and one (S3) per roof end. Notice which holes are to be used.

Attaching Roof

With 2 people on the ground and at least 1 person in the fort, lift the Roof Assembly up and over the Back side of the fort. Guide the Roof Assembly onto the fort so all four (2760) Roof Supports sit flush to the front and outside edges of (2759) Roof Ends.

Attach (2760) Roof Supports to (2759) Roof Ends with 1 (S3) Wood Screw per support.

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