Next Generation Slide & Swings Video

This guide is part of our 'video assisted assembly series' for our Next Generation Climbing Frames range.

This page will guide you through the attachment of the Next generation swings and slide. Including attaching the slide to the main fort. Assembling and affixing the swings to the swing hangers.

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Next Generation climbing frame swing and slide

Straight Slide

Straight slide is one solid slide that is positioned in the forts opening as described in the fort section of your manual. Pre-drill a couple of holes before using a screws in each hole and your done simple.

Tube Slide

For additional detailed information and description on how to assemble and affix a tube slide, please see our How do I assemble the tube slide? article.

Assemble & Attach Swings

Attach 1 Threaded Clip to each Acro Rope EN71 and the Acro Bar. Attach another Threaded Clip to each Acro Handle and join with first Threaded Clip. Make sure to close the Threaded Clip tightly using an adjustable wrench. (fig. 29.2 and 29.3)

Attach the end of the swing and acro ropes to the Threaded Clips attached to the swing hangers.

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