Are your climbing frames and swings suitable for older children?

Even after a child has started to grow up and approach double figures, our range of carefully designed swing and slide sets will still provide hours of play for your children.

Our climbing frames are designed and tested to EN-71 safety standards, which stipulates an upper weight limit of 49.9kg per child. This also says that products meeting these standards are suitable for children aged 3-14 years, so once they have grown out of their toddler years, our frames are versatile enough to continue to entertain them as they grow up.

In everyday usage older children (aged 12-14) are much less likely to use the slide, chalk board or play kitchen but they are more likely to use swings, or sit on the deck with their friends to chat or read. Some children may also continue to use the monkey bar for pull-ups and other fitness activities.

Older Children's Activities

What would be a perfect garden play equipment for an older child? It needs to be packed with energy-burning fun. Have a challenging climbing features, something to swing from and an exciting descent.

Mighty Monkey Bars

Having monkey bars is always great with older kids. The longer the better so it requires more strength and endurance. Our combination monkey bar swings are great for this. They can also be used for fitness activities such as pull-ups.

Exciting Slides

Slides can be fun for older children. They may feel a little childish at certain ages,but possible it's nostalgia that makes them fun whatever our age. Our slides are reinforced because we know kids of a certain ago will also try to climb up them. Tube slides offer an exciting descent for kids of all ages, even big kids.


Our coloured climbing rocks providing an exciting yet challenging route up the climbing frame and are ideal for older children. No more using the slats, which are designed to give younger kids confidence as they grow.

Trapeze Bar

Trapeze bars are ideal for acrobatic children. They will be able to hang upside down and practice their gymnastic skills. This is ideal for older children as younger children do not have the strength to be able to lift themselves up into the air. Trapeze bars come as standard on many of our swingsets. If it doesn't then you can always add one as a swing accessory. They only take a few seconds to swap over.

Versatile Swings

Swings are good fun at any age. Whether you are young or old. This is why most people choose a wooden swing and slide set when they purchase from us, unless they have a particularly small garden. Older kids will often swing with siblings or sit and chat with mates.

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