What is premium cedar?

Our wooden climbing frames are manufactured from cedar. We strongly believe cedar is the best wood for children's wooden climbing frames.

Cedar, renowned for its beauty, is nick-named "tree of life". This is due to it's health giving properties and anti-fungal acids. This helps prevent rot and insect infestations. Ensuring your climbing frame lasts as long as possible. Cedar is a softwood that is light and strong. It is also not affected by changeable weather conditions. With minimal shrinking and warping.

Why Cedar?

When manufacturing climbing frames, there are many types of wood to choose from. Including redwood, cedar, fir & pine. Each of these timbers has pro's and con's. Some are beautiful, heavy and durable, but also expensive. Some are very cheap, light but rot without chemical treatment. We have chosen to use China Cedar for our play equipment as we believe it is the best compromise. Like Redwood and Western Red Cedar, China Cedar is from the cypress family 'Cupressaceae'. None of these woods are true cedar of the genus 'Cedrus'. Yet, they all have the same key benefits of cedar. The natural oils which help prevent rot and insect infestation. This is what matters most.

Why China Cedar?

All our climbing frames are China Cedar. We have manufactured from China cedar (known as cunninghamia lanceolata) for many years. The wood's natural characteristics which make it ideal for outdoor play equipment. Plus it has the added benefit that wooden climbing frames and our cedar wood looks beautiful in any garden!

Cedar is a durable wood. It is rot resistant because it contains natural preservatives preventing fungal growth. Cedar is also resistant to warping and twisting and performs well in high humidity also. Cedar’s scent repels insects and other damaging infestations. Plus it doesn’t need any chemical treatment that might harm children. All our climbing frames and playhouses are also protected from weathering. We apply a water-based colour stain before it leaves the factory. This is safe for children, pets, and plants.

China Cedar Wood Parts

What is China Cedar?

We use the highest quality wood for our climbing frames. Known as 'cedar', ‘chinese cedar’, ‘china fir’ or 'cunninghamia lanceolata'.

Chinese cedar has many benefits that make it so appealing for use as garden play equipment. These include: - Fast growing, light and easy to work - Weather & Rot Resistant - Insect, Bacterial & Fungal Resistance - Low Maintenance - Safe & Durable

Benefits of China Cedar

China Cedar has many natural benefits. These make it ideal for use as children's garden play equipment. We discuss the benefits in detail below.

Fast growing, light and easy to work

China cedar is fast growing, light and easy to work. This enables us to ensure the buy price of the wood is good. The manufacturing is fast and easy. Plus the lightness also makes it easier for us to package and deliver. This ensures the price for our premium wood is comparable to that of products which use fir or pine.

Due to its rapid maturity, the tree is often grown within tree plantations. Most China Cedar is harvested within a plantation or farm. The impact on the environment is minimal. After one tree is harvested, one or two more are planted to replace it.

Weather & Rot Resistant

Cedar Wood is know worldwide for its unique weather-resistant properties. Cedar is lightweight and stable wood that lies flat and stays straight. This means it resists the natural tendency to crack and split, as you might find in many other wood species!

Chinese Cedar also has an incredible thermal coefficient, meaning even on hot days, it is cool to sit in and touch. A huge benefit as children will want to make the most out of their play equipment during the summer months!

Cedar fibres contain oils that act as natural preservatives to help the wood resist rot and decay. An ideal material for moist or humid climates. This also makes cedar a popular material for fencing, roofing and cladding.

Insect, Bacterial & Fungal Resistance

Cedar is also bacterial and fungal resistant. It gives off a lovely Rich Aroma that doesn’t appeal to Insects and Bugs but smells great to humans.

Its unique strong scent is one of these traits that make it so appealing for people to use. The wood contains natural organic compounds called ‘thujaplicins’. These compounds produce distinct cedar aroma smelling great to humans. But makes the wood unattractive to insects, moths and other pests.

Low Maintenance

Cedar wood is low maintenance. All wooden garden products will need maintenance. This is especially important as play equipment includes swings and slides. They may also include climbing features such as monkey bars or a rock wall ladder. You must check the set to ensure nuts and bolts are tight. And apply a new coat of wood stain or sealant to protect it from the elements. As you would with decking, picnic table, shed or log cabin.

Applying a new coat of sealant or stain to keep it protected from the effects of weathering. From the wind, rain, seasonal temperature fluctuation, and UV from the sun. Please ensure it is water based and comes with EN71 certification so you know it's safe for use by your children.

Safe & Durable

Cedar is very good and safe for little hands. It is a soft wood that will not crack or splinter like pressure treated pine or fir. At Selwood, we believe cedar is a better choice than pressure treated wood. Particularly for children's play equipment. Why not pine/fir?

Our China Cedar is soft to touch and light to hold. Yet, the wood is still strong enough to pass European & International safety tests. These include EN-71 & ASTM safety standards for children's outdoor play equipment.

No Pressure Treatment

Many European woods (such as pine and fir) need pressure treatment. Without this the wood will rot and would not be safe for use as play equipment.

Our cedar climbing frames don't need chemical pressure treatment. They are also soft to the touch. Cracks and splinters occur far less often than in wood such as treated pine or fir.

Natural Beautiful Wood

The colour and fragrance of our sets is amazing. The wood is a natural light silver colour, but we apply a factory stain. This makes the more vivid orange colour stand out. Selwood Wood Stain & Protector is available from us if you wish to restore the original colour.

Using sawn wood provides better possibilities for design. This makes the extra manufacturing effort worthwhile. Our sets look fantastic in most gardens.

Oher Premium Products Using Cedar

China Cedar has been used for hundreds of years to build ships, decking, or in window frames. It's known and respected globally for the sturdiness and durability of the timber.

Patio Furniture, Fencing & Garden Rooms

If you check the prices for patio furniture, decking, fencing and outdoor dining sets. You will notice as you move from pine/fir, through to cedar and redwood the price and quality increases.

Cedar is also fantastic for garden rooms, screening or sheds and cabins. A premium quality wood, cedar gives a great impression, and is durable. This makes it cost effective for many projects.

Cedar Homes & Boats

Cedar is often used for homes and boats. Pre-packed homes are also available, and are impressive structures.

Cedar in your Home

Many of us consider the smell of cedar attractive, insects do not. Clothes and documents stored in cedar wood furniture is safe from creepy crawlies.

Cedar balls are available for hangers providing the same effect. Opening the doors releases a great smell. If this fades then sand them a little to restore the scent.

If you have any doubts or questions about cedar wood as a construction material please contact us. Our live chat and customer service team are here for you.

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