Rubber Safety Mats

Rubber matting can either be the play areas flooring solution all by itself or use grass matting to create a more natural feel for the play area. Rubber mats will come be designed to fit together and is easily and quickly. Alternatively brought as roles that are laid out then play equipment is put on top.

Rubber matting or grass mats are an easy solution to overcome a lot of the difficulties that a grass only safety surface would have. This is because it would negate the compacting effect that occurs in high traffic areas.Grass matting is especially effective in this respect as grass is allowed to grow through.

rubber matting
climbing frame with rubber matting

Advantages Of Rubber Matting

Can be used just for high impact areas like on the slide exit or swings. So if you have a grass surface which will be fine and don't want to spend time and money on covering the entire play area you wont have to.

Durable, these will usually have long life spans, this depends on manufacture, but these don't biodegrade and are recover there shape after pressure is removed.

Like rubber mulch when set it stays in place once fitted this makes it appealing to those of us who don't want to spend hours racking every time it rains.

Normally 100% recycled tyres so you can claim some level of environmentalism with this product. These can also have fire retardant versions although this is very manufacture dependant.

These need to be anti-slip versions rubber, most are

Grass Matting Advantages

Grass matting will protect the grass beneath and lessen the issue of compacting surfaces in high traffic areas. Grass can grow through matting so you remain with a natural appearance of grass.

So much like rubber mulch when set it stays in place once fitted.

Disadvantages Of Rubber Matting

Usually to thin to be an end in itself, rubber matting on its own on top of concrete or tarmac. The underlay of the rubber flooring is essential to making these an impact absorbing surface.

Grass Mats Disadvantages

Holes can have fingers and toes trapped in them, when falling putting hands down is a natural reaction. So is rolling and if a finger has become stuck in hole, ouch.

Can cause a trip hazard without proper edging the side of the matting is raised sharply and if this is covered by grass it will be disguised. This is a trip hazard within a safety zone of a climbing frame.

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