How can I make a payment for a pre-order or quote?

It's quick and easy to make an interim or final payment on your pre-order. Simply login to your customer portal. If this link doesn't work please copy and paste into your web browser.

If you haven't logged in before then please click on Don't have an account or forgotten your password? Click here.

We'll email you a link to set your password and login to your portal. Remember you need to use the same email as the email you used to create your order.

You can then view you orders and make online payments

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Portal Login

When you first login to your payment portal you'll need to click on Don't have an account or forgotten your password? Click hereensure you enter your order email into the box provided. You'll be emailed instructions on how to login.

Portal Homepage

Once you have logged in you'll be greeted with your portal home screen. Here you'll be able to see your order details.

View Order History

When you view you order history you'll be able to see your order status and any past orders (if relevant). Please select your order.

Order Details

When your order screen loads you'll be able to see your specific order details. Please check to ensure your name, address and contact details are correct as they will be used for delivery. Also review the order items to ensure they are correct and the total price is correct.

Secure Payment

Select the pay online now button to make payment. A payment popup will appear. This is a hosted checkout with Braintree payments (a paypal company) so is secure. The total payment will automatically show the remaining balance on your order. If you desire to make an interim payment on a pre-order then you can simply change the amount shown. Enter your details and click next.

Once you have paid your full balance your order will be send through to our warehouse to be picked and packed. Your details will also be sent to our specialist courier for your area, who will contact you within 48 working hours (Mon-Fri 9-5) to inform you of the next available delivery day for your address.

Paypal Payment

If you wish to make a paypal payment towards your order please log into your paypal account and pay


If you need any help or assistance with your pre-order or quote then please contact our customer service team.

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