How do I pay for my pre-order?

It's quick and easy to make an interim or final payment on your pre-order. Simply login to your customer portal. (If this link doesn't work please copy and paste into your web browser).

If you've never logged in before then please click on Forgot Your Password? link and we'll email you details to set your password and login to your portal. Remember you need to use the same email as the email you used to create your order.

You'll then be able to view you orders and make online payments.

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Below you will find both a video and explanatory guide with images clearly showing how to make a pre-order settlement payment. It is normally a quick and easy process, but if you need any support or assistance please contact our team via live chat.

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Video Guide

View our video below to see how to make a final payment for your pre-order.

Customer Portal Login

When you first login to your customer portal you'll need to click on Forgot Your Password?. Please ensure you enter your order email into the box provided. You'll be emailed instructions on how to login.

Customer Portal Homepage

Once you have logged in you'll be greeted with your portal home screen. Please select the 'Pre-Order Orders' from the main menu. On desktop the menu is on the left of the screen. On mobile it will be at the top, just below our 'Climbing Frames' logo.

Pre-Order Menu

From the Pre-Orders menu you'll be able to see you order(s) summary. To view a specific order, and to proceed to complete your order you need to select the 'View Order' link on the right side of the order summary.

Pre-Order Details

When your order screen loads you'll be able to see your specific pre-order details. Please check to ensure your name, address and contact details are correct as they will be used for delivery. Also review the order items to ensure they are correct and the total price is correct. You'll now need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen, where you'll see the 'pay later' remaining payment value. Please enter this value in the box provided and click the blue "Pay Installments" button to proceed to checkout.

Checkout Details

When you have clicked the blue "Pay Installments" button you will be transferred to the shopping cart page. You will see that it says you're about to pay your installment for your order. Please click on "Proceed to Checkout" to choose how to pay to complete your order.

Secure Payment Options

You'll be presented with the available payment options for your order. This will normally be Paypal or Credit/Debit card payment. Please choose your preferred option, then enter your details as requested by the system (either your paypal login information, or your credit debit card details).

What's Next?

Once you have paid your full balance your order will be sent through to our warehouse to be picked and packed. Your details will be sent to our specialist courier for your area. They will contact you by SMS or email within 48 working hours (Mon-Fri 9-5) to inform you of the next available delivery day for your address.

Please note that our courier will book your delivery day. They deliver to different postcode areas on different days. They will inform you of the next available day in your area. If this isn't convenient then please contact the courier back directly to re-arrange for an alternative date that they are in our area.


If you need any help or assistance with your pre-order or quote then please contact our customer service team.

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