Do you have climbing frames for toddlers?

Even the youngest children will love a climbing frame. Our range of carefully designed swing and slide sets will give hours of play to even the youngest children.

Our climbing frames are designed for children aged 3+ years, therefore acting as the perfect first outdoor playset for your toddler. However once they have grown out of their toddler years, our frames are versatile enough to continue to entertain them as they grow up too.

We have been one of the most popular retailers of toddler's wooden climbing frames in the UK for many years. Due to the value of our products, because we offer the best price and selection of features, backed up by our excellent customer support and industry leading warranty.

Play Features for Younger Children

We often get asked to help people what play centres are best for a young child. It needs to be packed with energy-burning fun. Have a challenging, but achievable climbing features. Something to swing from, a slide and have many bright colours. Maybe it will have something educational as well.

Comfy Swings

The belt swings are manufactured from a flexible plastic, moulding the seat around your child's hip providing a tight, secure but most importantly comfortable seating position when swinging.

Safe Slides

Our slides also offer 2 unique safety features including high rails at the top to help provide a safe entry, and supports at the rear of the slide to ensure its strong enough to support children climbing up the slide the wrong way.

Rockwall Ladder

Our rockwall ladder has five professional style climbing rock as well as 7 wooden slats with clever little gaps between each slat to enable younger children to climb the ladder. This provides your toddler with a climbing option if they are not strong enough to use the climbing rocks. It also provides them with a new challenge when they grow up.


Children love to let their imaginations run wild so why not purchase a climbing frame with a lower playhouse included. This will give them hours of enjoyment and provides them with an alternative activity to swinging, sliding or climbing.

Premium Cedar

Climbing frames and cedar are the perfect match. Cedar is soft to the touch and is far less likely to crack or splinter like other woods. This therefore makes it far safer for toddlers. Cedar is also rot & decay resistant.

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