What is your warranty?

Our climbing frames us a type of premium cedar which make it an ideal wood for children's garden play equipment. It's soft to touch, but it's resistant to rot and insect attack, ensuring it's also durable.

Key benefits include:

Wood Warranty

We believe our premium cedar is the best timber for children's climbing frames. These characteristics make it soft to touch, durable and safe. It doesn't require harsh chemical treatment to ensure it lasts. Our wood has been used for thousands of years to make houses, ships, floor panels, and for furniture. Its subtle and beautiful scent is also highly valued in temples in Asia. Now you can have a climbing frame manufactured from this amazing wood. *Warranties can very by product so please refer to the owners manual or individual product page for specific warranty details.

Plastic, Rope, Vinyl & Metal Warranty

All other (non-wood) components of your play equipment, including plastic, metal, rope & vinyl are covered by our One Year warranty. This warranty will cover any structural defects on these materials for one year starting the day after the day of delivery.

Our warranty is one of the best available in the UK market and ensures that your garden play equipment will last as long as your children need it.

Your Warranty Excludes:

  • Expenses: Travel, lost wages, or 3rd party labour costs involved in the installation or replacement of parts
  • Cosmetic Defects: Defects which do not affect performance or structural integrity of a part or the entire product
  • Natural Imperfections: Any naturally occurring property of wood that does not affect structural integrity*
  • Improper Use: Vandalism, commercial use or failure due to loading or use beyond the capacities stated in the manual
  • Acts of Nature: Including but not limited to wind, storms, hail, floods, excessive water exposure
  • Improper Installation: Including but not limited to installation on uneven, unlevel, or soft ground
  • Modifications: We cannot accept liability for modified products or consequences resulting from failure of a modified product

Our warranty covers the original owner for a period of ten years, starting the day after the day of delivery regardless of your address. The warranty is valid for domestic (private garden) use only. Our products are not intended for commercial use. We supply replacement parts free of charge, but there will be a delivery charge for parts claims submitted after 12 months of ownership. Charges vary depending on product size and weight.

Wood is a natural product and all items will be unique. *Natural imperfections of wood include twisting, warping, checking, splitting, and knots. These characteristics are what make wooden products amazing, and give them their unique character. Our products are designed for outdoor use only. Our products are pre-cut, drilled, bevelled, sanded and stained to make home-build as quick and easy as possible.

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