Wet Pour Rubber Safety Surface

The most popular safety surface among commercial users as wet pour once set requires very little maintenance, once set it stays in place for years to come. Its versatility in not only colours but shapes that can be created, like little mountains that will make fun playground surfacing.

Wet pour is also far more researched and as it doesn't compress or lose any volume, this means critical fall heights remain constant, unlike loose fill materials which will need topping up periodically.

Wet Pour is a continuous rubber surface giving a high quality hard wearing resistant surface made from EPDM granule and polyurethane resin mixture is wet laid onto a prepared area.

Wet pour can be laid directly onto tarmac or any other surface, so long as its clear of obvious objects that rise above the ground.

Wet pour rubber has a two layer impact absorbing system. The first a base layer is a recycled rubber crumb bonded to an upper virgin rubber crumb wearing course.

What Colours Does Wet Pour Come in?

Limitless choice with wet pour colours and graphics can be created. The whole surface can act as a design depending on how much detail you want on your safety surface.

Popular among children's play areas are really bright colours that stimulate children into more activity, the bright colours will stay in place for a long time as the colours are sealed in the rubber.

Depth of Wet Pour Needed?

Depth of rubber you require depends on the use of the area and the critical fall height.

So if it is being used on a pathway then a minimum covering would be required to create the desired finish. However, a climbing frame would likely have a play deck of 1.2m you need wet pour of 40mm. If the critical fall height is higher than the depth needed is more.

Wet Pour Depths and Fall Heights
Critical Fall Height Wet Pour Depth
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