Wooden Climbing Frames for Small Gardens

Small gardens are still ideal places for garden play equipment. Even our biggest climbing frames are under 6m wide and the the average British garden is 15-metres (50ft) long. So our play equipment should fit into most peoples gardens.

Our smaller climbing frames are still all-in-one playsets. They include a fort with swings and slide, so they take up less room than individual garden toys. We list width and depth measurements on all our products to make choosing easy.

What's the average garden size? According to the ONS (Office for National Statistics) the median garden size across Great Britain is 188 square metres, increasing to 226 square metres in Scotland. In London it's is 140 square metres.

How Small are Our Climbing Frames?

Our smallest forts are just 98cm wide x 68cm deep. Enabling one or two children to climb and slide together in safety.

Our mid-range forts are 109cm x 109cm providing a strong stable structure and giving multiple kids plenty of area to safely play together even up on the raised deck.

Our largest forts are 165.7cm x 109cm. That's just 57cm larger and it'll provide you will loads of extra play value. Including our exclusive play kitchen (with cooker and sink) and a chalk board.

Our rock wall ladder is angled to ensure it's safe for all ages of children to climb. It's specially designed so if they slip they don't fall the floor. It sticks out approximately 47cm from the fort.

Our tube slides add about 135cm to the width, whilst the straight slides add 172.5cm. The swing beam (with three swings) is approximately 267cm wide. Our monkey bars are approximately 134cm long. This is long enough to provide a challenge, whilst not taking over your entire garden!

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