Play Kitchens

All these climbing frames and playhouses come with a toy kitchen included. These include pots, pans and other utensils. A hob and with clicker noise on the dials. The sink has both hot and cold dials with a mixer tap. The utensils can be hung up from an included rail. With a chalkboard outside for any games. A wooden seat separate from the climbing frame is also included for you.

playhouse kitchen

Kitchens are a place your child will see you often performing seemingly basic and safe actions. However, to a young person real kitchens are full of dangers where you keep leaning liquids, washing powders and plastic bags. This is before we get to the dangers of heat and flames especially with gas cookers so let them take a seat in the playhouse and stay safe.

Kids wooden playhouses can have play equipment that replicates a real life kitchen only you can make it safe for them. You can have knobs and dials that really work, taps and sinks. This can look over the garden just like the real thing.

Kitchen Pots and Pans

This play set can comes with a pot, pan and spatula. Ideal for playing food preparations and inspiring a chef or at least preparing food rather than having a microwave cooking.

With an area for food preparation that perhaps provide simple ingredients to they can serve you through a hatch or window. Orders can be taken on a chalk board, which appears on the which also has a seat outside that is perfect.

playhouse boy cooking in toy kitchen
playhouse kitchen pans
playhouse kitchen sink
playhouse toy kitchen sink
playhouse toy kitchen sinks

Both the Georgian Manor and Maradale Girls Playhouse feature a toy kitchens. These are no longer alone in offering this play feature now you can select one of climbing frames that have the same popular feature.

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